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S02E04: Fighting Back

Centuries ago, plant-based remedies were used to cure a number of diseases and illnesses. But for the past 100 years, this took a turn and we've become overly reliant on pharmaceutical drugs. Well now, it's time to turn back.

Guests: Dr. Joel KahnBreck Oxford, and Donny Moss

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S02E02: Nature's Path

Airing This Wed, August 2nd at 7:30 on the #FYI channel:
S2 E2: Nature's Path

The body has an amazing way of healing itself. Plant-based medicinal supplements can enhance our quality of life because of the body's close relationship with nature.

Guests: Christian LimogesKelcie Mahr, and Hadara Slok

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Plant-Based 2nd Season Has Launched

Did you catch last week's Season premiere of Plant-Based? 

Nafsika is back for a second Season of the world's first vegan lifestyle series. Plant-Based By Nafsika helps shed some light on various topics surrounding our health and the health of our planet, and why should start looking at food and animals differently. 

Catch Plant-Based By Nafsika weekly on Wednesdays at 7:30 am on the #FYI channel (A&E) or subscribe to our youtube channel to watch each segment.

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S02E01: We are Creatures of Habit

Plant Your Channel to FYI tomorrow, Wednesday, at 7:30 am to watch the debut of Season 2 of Plant-Based By Nafsika!

Think a plant-based diet is full of boring foods? Maybe a bunch of 'weak' hungry people moping around? Plant-Based By Nafsika is going to change the entire perspective!

S2 E1: We Are Creatures of Habit
There are a lot of myths about veganism, but there are pearls of wisdom as well. From advocating healthy living, to the moral treatment of animals, to sociological aspects of a plant-based diet, veganism is a viable lifestyle choice.

Guests: Gene BaurMic. the Vegan, and Eddie Garza, featuring delicious plants & herbs from Edible Garden

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