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November 26, 2016

Cruelty-Free Holiday Glam & Stress Hacks

As exciting and beautiful as the Holidays are, sometimes we just need a moment of peace and […]
November 17, 2016

Perfectly Mouthwatering Veggie Holiday Roast Recipe

Holiday cooking can be a daunting task but it doesn’t have to be! Let’s have fun this […]
November 15, 2016

Raw Vegan Mint Chocolate Cake

Crust: 1 cup dried shredded coconut 1 cup dry walnuts (not soaked) 1/2 cup dates 1/4 tsp […]
September 19, 2016
Tofu Scramble

Open Faced Sassy Tofu Scramble

Ingredients 14 oz extra firm organic tofu 1/2 sweet white onion 1/2 cup chopped parsley 1 cup […]
August 10, 2016
Kendrick Farris

Vegan Goes For Weightlifting Gold In Rio!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock in Kuala Lumpur for the past week you know that […]